Clean Air Network’s Response to Financial Budget 2018-19

SCMP: Why a safe environment is a human right: Hong Kong groups’ submission to UN on sustainable development

Reach annual maximum allowed exceedance within a month

Walk DVRC campaign unveiled

Pedestrianising Des Voeux Road Central

Implement Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

Set up on shore power system to reduce ship emission

Tighten Air Quality Objective and review regularly

Medical resource relocation based on air pollution related health risk

Work towards smart city & promote public transport

Promote slower car speed to construct an
elderly-friendly community

Set up real
low emission zone

A Review of 2016 Half-Yearly Air Pollution

Office Chairs Race to Push for a More Walkable Des Voeux Road Central

Government Should Tighten Air Quality Objectives to WHO Standard

CAN’s response to Government’s Strengthened Control of Emissions Measures

A Review of 2015’s Air Pollution in Hong Kong

No Improvement in Hong Kong's NO2 Reduction for Nearly Two Decades

Comparison and Analysis of AQHI in 2015

Hong Kong Ready for Electronic Road Pricing

Petition to Support the Des Voeux Road Central Rezoning Application

Protest against ENB’s Decision on Temporarily Shelving Onshore Power Supply

CAN Calls for Extensive Inter-Departmental Low Emission Planning

Target Missed with Low Emission Zones (LEZs) CAN Calls for Remedy to Alleviate the Situation in Order to Meet AQOs by 2020

Set up emission control zones & use low sulphur fuel oil