Where do Hong Kong’s air pollutants come from?

CAN's Annual Air Quality Review 2016

How Ship Emission is polluting Hong Kong's air?

PM2.5 Concentration Highest in Des Voeux Road Central

【Petition】Submission to urge the government to tighten up AQOs

How can Hong Kong reduce roadside emission

Tighten Air Quality Objective

2017 First Half Yearly Air Quality Review
Public health is STILL under threat from roadside air pollution

Tighten Air Quality Objective and review regularly

Air in H.K. Only Needs to “Pass”
Air in U.K. Must Legally “Comply”

Three New Air Monitoring Spots Not Enough

Let's join FoodMiles:
Healthy Food. Healthy Air Press Release

An ongoing battle –
Tightening Air Quality Objectives to W.H.O. ‘s most stringent guidelines

BNP Paribas x Airmazing Race

CAN intern
Elaine Yip

WHO new report indicates 1 in 9 total global deaths linked to air pollution

Cars, Everywhere
⅓ of Northern Hong Kong Island is Occupied by Traffic Roads

School engagement

Community Talk:
Let's talk and do something: Citizen for Change

Tighten Air Quality Objectives up for Better Health
Review on Air Quality Objectives
[Press Conference]

Bloomberg Air Airmazing Race

Response to the 2017-2018 Budget

CAN intern
Donald Fung

Yoga instructor & Trail runner

Public dialogue

Return Coffee House

A Review of 2016 Half-Yearly Air Pollution

Set up real
low emission zone

CAN investigating air quality in sub-divided units with Credit Suisse

Editor & Writer
Janet Kwan

Food Miles: Healthy Food. Healthy Air

Implement Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

Community Monitoring Project

Pedestrianising Des Voeux Road Central

Set up emission control zones & use low sulphur fuel oil

From the Lack of Insight and Indicators
To the Negligence in Social Costs

Hong Kong Ready for Electronic Road Pricing

70% Drivers Agree Too Many Cars is the Leading Cause of Traffic Congestion

AXA Airmazing Race

Students Inspired by Walk for Clean Air

Work towards smart city & promote public transport

Executive Coach
Bill Loh

Set up on shore power system to reduce ship emission

Serious congestion
in need to tackle transportation issue

Medical resource relocation based on air pollution related health risk

Social cost of Air Pollution

CAN x Swire Sustainability Day 2017

The Poor can only breathe polluted air?

Promote slower car speed to construct an
elderly-friendly community

Health & Business sector cosign open letter to urge C.E. to establish roadside air pollution reduction

Hiring Administrative Officer

Merrel Challenge 2016

14,400 citizens enjoyed pedestrianised DVRC with cleaner air

6-lane road in Madrid will be car-free in 2 years

Off-the-ground Air Monitoring Stations


Walk DVRC campaign unveiled

Parking Policy Review

Government Should Tighten Air Quality Objectives to WHO Standard

No Improvement in Hong Kong's NO2 Reduction for Nearly Two Decades

A Review of 2015’s Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Target Missed with Low Emission Zones (LEZs) CAN Calls for Remedy to Alleviate the Situation in Order to Meet AQOs by 2020

Has air quality really improved according to the new PRD Report?

Response to Policy Address 2017

Comparison and Analysis of AQHI in 2015

Over 14400 citizens walked their imagination on DVRC with Cleaner Air

Transport Department to allow extra 7,000 cars to cross HZM Bridge
Who should pay for additional transport externalities?

Air Worsens after All Protest Zones Cleared. CAN Urges Pedestrian Zones Be Set up

Air pollution within legal limits may increase risk of early death

Healthy Street Social Lab for cleaner air!

Suffocation in the unique cityscape of Hong Kong

First Day of Implementation of Fuel Switching at Berth

2015 Emission Reduction Target Difficult to Meet, according to 2013 HK Emission Inventory

Air Quality Improved in 2014, but Threats from Marine and Regional Pollution Persist

CAN urges government to further react to the Ngau Tau Kok fire

Hiring Project Manager

Smart Move
Community Engagement Programme
G.t. (Ellen Yeung) College

Protest against ENB’s Decision on Temporarily Shelving Onshore Power Supply

Reach annual maximum allowed exceedance within a month

Landmark study of elderly Hongkongers ties air pollution to multiple types of cancer

Petition to Support the Des Voeux Road Central Rezoning Application

Response to THB’s Reply on Effectiveness of Central Wanchai Bypass

Hiring Marketing & Communication Officer

How air pollution affects children?

CAN Calls for Extensive Inter-Departmental Low Emission Planning

An open letter to Food and Health Bureau

RTHK interview: Why HK chokes on serious air pollution when every time a tropical storm is anywhere near the SAR

CAN’s Response to Air Quality Review by EPD

Office Chairs Race to Push for a More Walkable Des Voeux Road Central

Ship Emission Remains at Stake, Reduction Target 2015 Hard to Meet

CAN’s response to Government’s Strengthened Control of Emissions Measures

Clean Air Network’s Response to Financial Budget 2018-19

Clean Air Network’s Response to 2016 Policy Address

What can we do to protect children from air pollution?

Let's talk and do something

City design should focus on health

Credit Suisse visited sub-divided units

About Advocacy

Rising car numbers undermine efforts to cut roadside pollution in Hong Kong

Annual Report Jun 2015 - Jun 2016

Join We Are Transport!

What is wrong with the air we breathe?

Annual Report 2015-2016

Clean Air Network’s Response to Financial Budget 2018-19

Clean Air Network response to EPD’s 2017 air quality report

SCMP: Why a safe environment is a human right: Hong Kong groups’ submission to UN on sustainable development

CAN Fact Sheet

The Standard: Fear is in the air again

Daily Mail Online: Shocking picture shows Hong Kong's famous skyline engulfed by toxic smog as residents fear for their health and 'struggle to breathe' outside

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