Our internship programme stimulates and educates young people to engage in society through the understanding of environmental issues, in particular, air quality in Hong Kong and gain a sense of civil engagement through various outreach, marketing and communication exercises.

Our interns customarily participate in community-oriented projects, permitting them to learn about environmental issues through grassroots outreach activities that put them in touch with members of the community at all levels, in different sectors.

We accept applications for internships year round. Both long-term and  short-term interns are welcomed but note that the minimum work period is 1 month. Although our internships are unpaid, an internship at CAN is among the most rewarding in Hong Kong with each intern given a high degree of personal responsibility for entire projects. We accept students ranging from senior high school students to post-graduates.

Applicants should provide the following documents:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Proposed duration of internship
  3. A covering letter which explains why the student seeks an internship at CAN

To submit an application, please email application@hongkongcan.org