Hong Kong as a global city is criticised by 10 City grades according to the research of Future Spaces Foundation. In comparison to London and New York, Hong Kong has an outstanding Public Transport Network and Accessibility, but performs badly in its Bike and Foot Network (D-), Private Vehicles (D+), Safety (D), Mobility (E+) and Breathability (E+).

Government should use the index able to make Hong Kong a smarter city, for example:

  • Promote bikes and walkability;
  • Control the growth in the number of vehicles by policy to reduce traffic ;
  • Tighten Air Quality Objectives  to improve roadside air quality;
  • Promote elderly and children friendly society, such as cycling paths which ensures the safety of bikers.
Story posted on
20th Jul, 2016


Hong Kong's roadside nitrogen dioxide

has never reached the Safe Standard for the last 20 years

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