Societal environmental issues are ubiquitous and urgent, especially the intangible man-made hazard that is air pollution, which is easily forgotten about and disregarded. This corporate training session was to raise awareness and interest towards the surrounding environment, as to prompt the use and application of the concept of sustainable development, and to contribute to the alleviation of air pollution in Hong Kong.

For one of the activities of the program we, along with various participants, paid a visit to Montane Mansion of Quarry Bay, to observe and understand the Fujian culture and architectural particulars. The discussion led on to the topic of the building’s residents and their suffering, due to severe levels of roadside pollution, and analyzed the various harms that the extreme surplus of traffic induces.

One of the participants said, ‘I never realized how concentrated the population of Montane Mansion is. Residents live right next to the busy highways, where the street canyon effect is extremely serious. It’s very terrifying.’

The group engaged in deep discussion, sharing personal anecdotes of environmental preservation in their respective workplaces, and it proved to be a good learning experience.


We were also invited by PREGIO to participate in a food miles challenge, in which we used local ingredients to make red cabbage coffee.

A participant who is in the catering industry said, ‘I never knew the catering industry and air pollution were so closely related. The everyday transportation of food actually emits so many harmful air pollutants. This activity helped me understand that it is important to set up responsible supply chain systems, local product selection, etc. in an operational management restaurant.’


This challenge was not only fun, but also encouraged awareness and support for the effort to improve air quality in Hong Kong.

Story posted on
31st May, 2017


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